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Murder and Malice

The sixth Dr Power novel, set in 2004.
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Published in 2023, 451 pages
available on Kindle,
Paperback, and Hardback 

"The best Dr. Power story yet. It is bigger, mightier and most thrilling of the books to date...."

It is 2004 and the start of Michaelmas term at the University of Allminster. The students are returning to their studies and the forensic psychiatrist, Professor Power, has been entrusted with developing a brand-new medical school for the University. Power approaches the venture with customary enthusiasm but faces jealousy and antagonism from certain of his academic colleagues who will go to any length to derail the scheme. It becomes apparent that other evils are at work in the chill grey cloisters of Allminster when a quiet, elderly professor with vital information to pass on to Power, is shockingly found dead in the Cathedral before he can pass the message on. Investigations reveal he has been hiding a secret and intriguing past. The mystery deepens as a senior academic goes missing on a business trip to the university in Valletta. Fearful for his safety Power and Detective Lynch fly to Malta to scour the island for the vanished scholar. In this fast-paced psychological thriller, Power and Lynch battle new foes who wield a frightening new technology, all the while trying to escape the clutches of an International crime ring that is tightening its grip on little Malta.

If you’re a fan of exhilarating murder mysteries filled with suspense and danger, you don’t want to miss this riveting Professor Power mystery.

What readers are saying about Murder and Malice:

★★★★★ - “The flow of the story is excellent with the reader drawn deeper into the mysterious happenings as clues unfurl to draw the story towards a result that is as shocking as it is surprising.”

★★★★★ - “As always with Greene's books, the story is gripping and exciting with lots of unexpected twists, and the characters so clearly portrayed that you keep thinking, "Yes, I know somebody exactly like that!" An excellent story with a very unexpected ending.”

★★★★★ - “It got me hooked but gave no clues as what lay ahead and I was left curious to know where this would lead and just had to read more.”