Book Cover by Paul Imrie

The Fire of Love: Illustrations

The illustrations featured in the novel

The Fire of Love is a tense murder mystery where Dr Power must find out if one of his forensic psychiatric patients is innocent or guilty.

A Government Minister has died in suspicious circumstances in a fire at Heaton Hall, Cheshire. Dr Power and Supt. Lynch investigate. The book has some fantastic illustrations by artist Paul Imrie.

Paul's Illustrations

Paul Imrie designed a frontispiece to complement the Front Cover showing Heaton Hall after the fire.


The foliage at the top of the frontispiece is reflected in the background to this page.

Dr Power in extremis.

Dr Power in extremis

Poor Dr Power often faces critical situations during investigations. Paul Imrie catches his heroic, battling spirit nicely here.

Paul Imrie put clues into his illustrations for the rest of the series.

Chapel Window

The apex of the Chapel window at Heaton Hall references the next novel's title,'The Good Shepherd.''

Font designed by Paul Imrie for 'The Fire of Love'

Fire of Love Font

To show the creative process that went on, here are some early sketches by Paul for other potential covers for 'The Fire of Love'