Book Cover by Paul Imrie

The Good Shepherd: Illustrations

The fabulous illustrations in the novel

The Good Shepherd sees Power and Lynch hurrying all over the globe to end what threatens to be a deadly pandemic of malaria.

The book is illustrated by Paul Imrie. The work involved a deal of research e.g. appearance of the precise sex and type of mosquito that spreads malaria. The illustrations also include clues as to the next novel, including the real identity of one of the mysterious characters in the first novels - The Piper. Enough said!


Early Version of the Cover by Paul Imrie

Early Cover

Shrewsbury is the medieval market town that Power escapes to. Here he stays at the old coaching inn, the Lion Hotel. From a research photo of the hotel's first floor, Paul drew an illustration which appears near the end of the book.

research photo

Lion corridor

One of the scariest illustrations. In a nightmare which merges elements of his day, and his underlying fears about a modern day pandemic, Power dreams of Heath, a ancient plague village and its lonely chapel. Here is an early sketch of the Chapel. The final version is in the published book.

Heath Chapel