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Dr Power series: reviews

Published reviews of the Dr Power series

There are numerous independent reviews of the series on Goodreads and Amazon. Over 160 reviews are available to read on Goodreads alone. Overall, as of 2020, Hugh Greene enjoys a 4.30 star rating on Goodreads.


The Darkening Sky (4.44 Stars)

'I have read many a crime book, but this book was different. I never for one moment guessed how the story would unfold.'

'Brilliant. Very much enjoyed – a new detective series based in England.'

'This was quite a read. Greene brings a lot to the table in this with great details on psychiatry, forensics, medicine, society, cars, and countless other small details, yet they are delivered with ease and purpose. As for the strengths? For me, the dialogue wins it. It's natural. It has wit without heavy punchlines. Greene handles the reveal superbly and leaves you hanging until the end. Sign me up for more Power and Lynch.'

'It is a good crime and psychological thriller and will keep any reader interested to the end. Well written, with great development of characters; I felt that I knew Power and Lynch personally. I look forward to further volumes in this highly entertaining and somewhat edgy series. Hugh Greene is a writer to start paying attention to in my opinion. Highly recommended.'

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The Fire of Love (4.62 Stars)

'Good plot and enjoyable read – away to locate more books in this series.'

'This is a gripping story, I was hooked from the first page.’ 'A well written book with a well-thought out storyline, I enjoyed it very much and definitely want to read the next one.'

'There are lots of twists and turns and complex characters to keep the ending from you and difficult to guess.'

'After the first chapter I could not put it down.' 'A good read that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys crime novels and psychological thrillers. The writing is constantly good and interesting.'

'Another great and gripping read from Hugh Greene.'

The Good Shepherd (4.38 Stars)

'There was drama and suspense and a nice twist at the end. It was quite compulsive, I felt I had to read more to see what happened next.'

'It is a very enjoyable and intriguing read. Well-written, it evokes the spirit of the times, the mid-nineties.'

'I enjoyed this book. The characters were interesting and I felt the book was well researched.'

'The story builds well with excellent attention to detail paid to the places that the main characters visit.'

'The pace of plot was gripping, and makes me want to know what is next.'

'An excellent read, loved it.'

'I was hooked from the first paragraph.'

Dr Power’s Casebook (4.3 Stars)

‘Hugh Greene the Author conveys the nineties in a way that helps me to look back fondly on that era. Dr Power's character is developing in a way that I am enjoying and I want to find out more. I cannot wait until the next book.’

‘This is a little different to the novels but it is entertaining and well worth reading. I enjoyed all the stories but 'The Dark' has to be one of the best short stories I have ever read.’

‘The more I read of Hugh Greene's stories the more a fan I become. These short stories are written in his own inimitable way and as always the dialogue flows seemingly effortlessly as the stories unfold.’

Schrödinger’s God (5 Stars)

‘The best of the series so far. Hugh Greene never fails to deliver thrills and new insights.’

‘Greene is one of those artists who manages to make everything seem simple and effortless, but the more you look at it the more detail you see, and the more you can't help but admire those delicate touches. His characters are human. They don't have a storytelling veneer, they are people. Plausible, recognisable, everyday people. An incredible piece of writing. And the more I think about it all the more impressive it gets. I strongly encourage you to walk the path of this book because it delivers.’

'Another brilliant Power and Lynch tale, this time taking us on a pilgrimage through Spain. The balance between the horror and the beautiful descriptions of the places along the way, the night sky and the food and drink combine to make a superb read.'

Son of Darkness (5 Stars)

'It’s all here - Greene’s meticulous plotting, and convincing professional details combined with archetypal horror from the distant past.'

'The prologue is brilliant, it got me hooked, and then I couldn’t put it down.'

'There are plots and sub-plots with gripping, tense moments and unexpected twists.''I have no hesitation in recommending this author to anyone who enjoys a well-crafted, well-written psychological thriller.'