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The Good Shepherd: Locations

The spectacular locations featured in the novel

The Good Shepherd has locations in Spain, Canada, the USA, Peru, and England. The fast moving action transfers between the various locations as Power and Lynch hurry to end what threatens to be a global pandemic of malaria.

The trip to Canada is to investigate the activities of a multinational pharmaceutical company who stand to benefit from a new strain of malaria. Power's trip to Peru is to investigate the activities of a malaria research station. Lynch travels to New York to follow the activities of two brothers who own controlling stakes in the phamaceutical company.

peru / canada

Iquitos, Peru

Iquitos, Peru Iquitos River

The city of Iquitos is in the Amazon basin and is the largest city in the world that cannot be approached by road. Only journeys by river and air make the city accessible.

View from Centre Island: Toronto

Centre Island

Shrewsbury, England

Old Market Hall, Shrewsbury Footbridge over River Severn

Shrewsbury is the medieval market town that Power escapes to. Here he stays at the old coaching inn, the Lion Hotel.