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Dr Power's Casebook: Locations

The different locations featured in the collection.

Dr Power's Casebook is a collection of short stories set in different places and at different times. Mainly the settings are in Cheshire and northern England, including Liverpool and Manchester. The stories give a hinterland to Dr Power's character and work as a psychiatrist. Only two feature conventional mystery type plots. Some of the stories answer readers' questions about characters, e.g. what happened to Eve and Lucinda, and others e.g. the short story 'The Dark' give clues about the rest of the series.

liverpool / dublin

An early story features Liverpool 

Liverpool CathedralAnfield

Dr Power works at the Royal Liverpool as a locum consultant and watches Liverpool from the Kop in the story 'Delirium'.

'The Fallen Man' is set in Dublin.

Trinity College LibrarySpiral Stairs Trinity College LIbrary

Dr Power flies to Dublin to act as an expert witness in 'The Fallen Man'. Whilst there he enjoys food from 'Cornucopia' a vegetarian restaurant (below) and meets a very important character in a pub.

Cornucopia mealPower's Whiskey

In 'Journeys End' Dr Power drives to Ingestre to rendezvous with his new girlfriend at Ingestre Pavilion.

Ingestre Ingestre