Book Cover by Paul Imrie

The Darkening Sky: Illustrations

The wonderful illustrations featured in the novel

The Darkening Sky is set in Northern England. The action alternates between various locations in the County of Cheshire as Power and Lynch race to solve a series of crimes. In terms of crime novels we are used to the solution being dispensed at the end of the book, but unusually the front cover gives a huge clue as to this book's solution...if you can spot it.

Paul's illustrations

Dr Power and Supt.Lynch spend time in the City of Chester discussing the case at a restaurant. There's an in-reference to The Fire of Love

Restaurant where Power and Lynch dine.


Paul Imrie, the illustrator, designed a special font for The Darkening Sky.

Dr Power Alderley

This is our first glimpse of Dr Power within the novel, driving his beloved old Saab through the High Street of Alderley Edge.

This is the classic illustration of Dr Power and Lynch that features on the back cover of various Dr Power books.

To show the creative process and artistry of Paul, here are three early sketches for alternate versions of the cover.

early sketch of cover

early sketch of cover 2

early sketch of cover 3