Illustration by Judith Eddles

Dr Power's Book of Puzzles

Judith Eddles compiles a host of fascinating puzzles

Hugh Greene describes the history of your favourite puzzles and brain teasers  

Welcome to a puzzle book with a difference inspired by the Dr Power murder mystery novels.
Enjoy the fabulous collection of 130 challenging and absorbing puzzles by Judith Eddles. A wide variety including cryptic and quick crosswords, codes, wordsearches, quote boxes, knights tours, scramblewords, word ladders, quizzes, word spirals, battleships, split words, pyramids, clueless crosswords, shapes, one in fours, centre words and more.
Learn about the history of our favourite puzzles. Hugh Greene describes how these puzzles came into being; what puzzles were popular with people in the 18th and 19th century; who invented crosswords, word ladders, wordsearches, battleships and others, and considers whether puzzles can be of real benefit to the brain. Try out tangrams, a maze and the nine dot puzzle.
Have a go at some fascinating puzzles from yesteryear including enigmas, riddles, magic squares, picture puzzles and crosswords. Can you solve these puzzles from the past?