Illustration by Paul Imrie

Dr Power's Meditation and Colouring Book

Hugh Greene describes meditation and its benefits according to research.

Judith Eddles draws some delightful and relaxing colouring sheets and mandalas

Wouldn’t you love a book that helped tackle the stresses and strains of modern life by combining relaxation, recreation and meditation?
What is meditation? What are the benefits? Are there any side effects? What is the science behind it?
Hugh Greene answers these questions, and more, and takes you through the steps of two simple but effective meditation techniques. You will also find interesting facts including mandalas, and their use in meditation, colours and their meaning, and geometric design in history.
Give yourself some relaxing and calming moments and enjoy colouring the 40 exquisite designs by Judith Eddles. Taking in mandalas, floral and geometric patterns, they are varied and imaginative, some intricate, some simple - something for everyone.
Colour them in your own special way, take your time and be creative in your unique work of art. Printed on one side of the page only.

mandala under the sun